Selling on Walmart is as easy as selling on Amazon. As Mita, we share our experiences with you and explain the steps that should be considered by those who want to sell worldwide. While doing this, we do Amazon and Walmart-oriented analyzes by concentrating on the developments and our experiences.

Account Management

Advertisement Services

We do not want any entrepreneur who wants to sell in America to waste time or money. Therefore, we aim to convey our experience to you as much as possible.


As of today, the eBay online Marketplace is home to approximately 170 million buyers worldwide on the platform, who have listed over a billion items online for their consumers. Selling on an e-commerce platform is never easy, and it’s the same for eBay. It takes a lot of skill, knowledge, and experience to market and sells your products more efficiently than your competitors.

Accordingly, few sellers who know how to sell well on the eBay platform leave the competition in the dust. Now you don’t have to worry. If you’re a new seller on the platform or an experienced seller looking to increase their sales, Mita is here to help.

Mita’s eBay Account Management and Advertisement Services are geared towards providing you with our expert skill set for:
  •  Manage your online store
  •  Increasing the efficiency of business processes
  •  Increase your sales
  •  And help you generate more income


Etsy is an online marketplace established in the United States in 2005. Etsy, which has an active buyer capacity of approximately 45 million, is the most active countries in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and France. Etsy is predominantly known as a marketplace for handmade, antique, and personalized items. This marketplace sells items in the categories of jewelry, bags, clothing, home decor, furniture, toys, and crafts supplies.

Build your own brand in Etsy and sell online with Mita. As Mita’s expert team, while we are providing Etsy sales consultancy service, we plan what is necessary for sustainable and healthy corporate sales in accordance with your company and products. The issue of how to achieve permanent success is conveyed to you through the meetings to be held throughout the process.



If you work with Mita, we guarantee you will have a qualified E-commerce sales channel that fits and works for your business. We see that e-Commerce sales Channels are the fastest growing retail segment. Mita offers you excellent e-Commerce account management services for Wayfair.  To excel in this space, Mita helps you with three core fundamentals:
  • A Strategic Sales Team
  • A Marketing Team, and
  • A Project Management Team

Other US and EU Online Matketplaces

There are a lot more interesting platforms for retailers looking to sell their products to local customers. Mita will help you to find more information about the most popular marketplaces in Europe.

With Fruugo, CDiscount or Allegro, you can conquer Europe with your own online shop.
Reach out thousands of customers from all over the Europe!

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