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As the e-commerce market grows, the competition becomes more tense. Although the number of online shoppers is increasing from year to year, there are millions of sellers offering products online.

Selling on Amazon has become increasingly difficult, both in terms of product creation and in determining the relevant sales strategy and following sales procedures and Amazon account management.

Nowadays, it’s unlikely to jump on Amazon and start selling. If you don’t want to waste money or time, you need to know in advance how things work with Mita. With millions of sellers all trying to succeed on Amazon. Unfortunately, not all are willing to play by the rules.

Hijackers are sellers who use a variety of tactics to jump on your product listing and take control of the buy box. They can then do things such as edit your listing or even worse so counterfeit versions of your product. Customers will think you’re selling them low quality products and leave negative reviews as a result.

It’s important to understand which measures you can take to outmaneuver any potential hijackers before they become a problem. If your product is something hijackers can figure out how to manipulate, they will. However, if you’re prepared and take the steps Mita offers you can keep potential hijackers from cannibalizing your business.

Amazon Product Listings

Amazon product listing is the product page for each of the products you sell on Amazon. It consists of the information you enter when listing your product, including the title, images, description and price.

Buyers on Amazon use product listing pages to make purchases. Ultimately, getting the product listing right will determine the success of your products on Amazon. The mysterious workings of Amazon’s intricate ranking system can sometimes leave sellers scratching their heads over what will result in more exposure.

Many factors seem to contribute to a successful product listing on Amazon, but one of the most important is product listing optimization. Mita will help you discover the important aspects of Amazon SEO and what guidelines you should follow to optimize your Amazon product listings to increase sales and improve conversion rates.

- Amazon Catalog Clean Up

Catalog cleaning is a regularly scheduled evaluation program run by Amazon. During this clearing, the system evaluates which products have been on the vendor’s inventory list for more than 365 calendar days. Items that have been in the system for at least that long will be charged a nominal Long-Term Storage Fee.

- Virtual Bundles

The virtual product bundles tool for FBA lets you to create ‘virtual’ bundles made up of two to five complementary ASINs which are purchased together from a single detail page. This allows you to offer bundles without packaging items together or changing FBA inbound inventory.

Amazon SEO

Marketplace Search Engine Optimization or Amazon SEO is making sure your product page is easily accessible by marketplaces’ search engines and includes the right content and search terms to rank well in the organic results of Amazon.

Mita includes making sure your pages have the right elements to be spidered properly by marketplace search engines. Product Page SEO (per search term per product) by targeting “Best Position on Search Result Pages”. We make sure that you own the buybox.

Creating Product Visibility seems like:

  • Extensive keyword research using our KW research tools
  • Content Optimization – Titles,Bullet Points, Descriptions Optimization with product benefits and with most relevant keywords –  Images Optimization (3D & Photography)
  • Creating product reviews, feedbacks
  • Automatic tools implementation
  • Product page merging (by variations)

While increasing product buyability, winning a product’s Buy Box and becoming a default seller for an existing product, you need to follow:

  • Re-pricer setup
  • Amazon prime setup
  • Using automation to ensure availability and shipping information is always up to date
  • Shipping costs adjustments
  • Price adjustments
  • Fulfillment method decision
  • Delivery time
  • Seller feedback optimization
  • Stock levels alert creation

Amazon A+ Pages

Having A+ content on a detail page has been shown to attract more customers and can help to highly increase sales once the content is added to the page. Sharing your brand’s story and educating customers about your product helps build brand awareness in customers. The A+ content tool allows you to do this by adding rich images, text, and comparison modules to engage customers and provide more information as they consider purchasing one of your products.

A+ content on our Amazon pages is a very powerful way for us to display our product.

Good A+ content starts with understanding the Customer and why they didn’t buy your product. By understanding your customers’ buying barriers, you can develop a strategy to overcome these barriers in your marketing content.

Benefits of adding A+ content to an ASIN include:

  • Increase conversion: Adding A+ content to detail pages can help convert customers who are hesitant to purchase a product by providing more details that can help persuade them to buy.
  • Increase traffic: Adding A+ content to your details page can improve your product discoverability.
  • Increase sales Adding high-quality A+ content to your product’s detail page can potentially increase your traffic and sales of your product.
    • Reduce customer returns and negative reviews: Providing customers with more information about your product, including specific feature details, functionality, and specifications, helps them make a more informed purchasing decision, resulting in fewer returns and less negative feedback from dissatisfied buyers. may lead to customer comments.
    • Encourage repeat purchases: Sharing your brand story and more information about your products can help develop a loyal customer base by driving customers to discover your other products and increase repeat purchases from your brand.

Amazon Storefronts and Branding

Amazon is a platform that makes it easy for brands to give their customers a visual experience while browsing their products. Creating a thoughtful design for your Amazon store helps you create positive first impressions and communicate the feel of your brand, ultimately leading to success and resonance for your business.

Fulfillment & FBA Inventory + Shipment Management

Our Fulfillment & FBA Inventory + Shipment Management services allow you to take advantage of all that Amazon has to offer. Reach new customers, increase sales, and grow your business with Mita.

>Mita is your one-stop-shop for Amazon FBA inventory. From receiving, inspecting, labeling, and more, Mita offers the flexibility and transparency you need to get orders out fast and accurately.

Mita will help you reach new customers while saving you time and money in the process. Discover how we can help grow your business with Fulfillment & FBA Inventory + Shipment Management services today.

We’re different from other fulfillment companies by working with Amazon and understanding your business. That’s why Mita will do the work needed to ensure your products are quickly received, inspected, packaged, and shipped all in accordance with Amazon’s standards and requirements.

Mita will work with you to customize an affordable approach that works for your business. We will also provide a simple and streamlined process to increase your productivity and give you more time to grow your business.

Seller Account Health Audits

When it comes to managing your seller account, you shouldn’t make decisions based on your instincts. You must trust data-driven decisions.

Are you struggling to see the results you expect and want to increase your Amazon sales? Maybe you’re a new business owner and don’t quite know how to launch your product. On the other hand, perhaps you are an experienced seller looking to identify potential hazards in your seller account. 

Whatever the reason, Mita’s Amazon Seller Account Health Checks advisors will create a comprehensive micro-level overview covering every aspect of your Amazon Account. To perform a comprehensive FBA Audit, we perform a thorough analysis of your overall account health, product listings, a-z claims, seller metrics, pricing, advertising campaigns, and competitors to identify potential risks and suggest improvements to the account. 

Your Amazon Account Audit will be handled by Mita’s expert team of Amazon professionals who have worked in multiple marketplaces and have experience in all seller and fulfillment types in Seller Central. As a third-party seller, you must accept and comply with certain guidelines imposed by Amazon. One requirement is to adhere to certain levels of metrics known as Account Health.

There are many metrics you must meet to continue selling on Amazon; Failure to comply will result in a warning, account suspension, or dreaded account removal if not fixed.

Amazon has dedicated a page in your Seller Central account called “Account Health” that shows six key metrics you should focus on as a seller. That doesn’t mean you should ignore other metrics and policies. These metrics alone are critical to maintaining your selling privileges on Amazon.

- Suspension Appeals

Mita’s expert team of appeal specialists can help you with a group of Amazon account suspensions:

  • Trademark and Patent Violation
  • Intellectual property
  • Counterfeit item
  • Inauthentic item
  • Unsafe products
  • Expired products
  • Product safety complaints
  • Listing does not match the detail page
  • Used item sold as new
  • Selling prohibited Items
  • ASIN variations misuse

- Brand, Product Page and Pricing Protection

Your product pages are the moment of truth for your online business. Either they convert the visitors into a purchaser or they don’t. To stay competitive in e-market space, your business needs to make online shopping as convenient as possible. This means designing your product pages so that it’s easy to find, navigate, and purchase from both on desktop and mobile.

Since these pages are the final step in persuading customers to buy something, it’s important that they are visually appealing, provide useful information, offer customer reviews, and answer all the lastminute questions customers may have.

Amazon Product Page Creation

As an Amazon seller, your product listing is your showcase. Like a showcase that attracts shoppers, your listing title and image on a search results page gets buyers to click. Buyers then get a full impression of your item on the product page with your detailed description, customer reviews, and additional images.

Listings provide all the information a buyer needs to make a purchase, so they are key to Amazon sales. As a seller, it’s critical that you prepare your product page in a way that attracts buyers quickly and easily.

To help you get started, Mita will review how to create your first Amazon listing and identify the key elements of product pages that attract buyers and drive purchases.

Content Creation & Branding

Content Creation and Branding permits trademark brand owners the capacity to adjust the depiction field of their ASINs. It additionally gives brand sellers the choice of improving their pictures, content arrangements, and portraying the highlights of their item through a “brand story”.

With Content Creation and Branding, the seller has an expanded capacity to feature their item, separate their brand from rivals through narrating, and (above all) transform more snaps into changes.

- Transparency & Project Zero Applications

One of the biggest threats to Amazon sellers is fake products with fake reviews. Protecting your brand from these issues at Amazon can be complex. Amazon has implemented two programs, the Transparency program and Project Zero.

In your E-commerce journey, Mita will show you what these two programs are all about, their pros and cons, and the requirements to register for each of these programs.

You can benefit a lot from selling your products on Amazon, the pricing can be challenging and slashing prices alone might not always work in your favor. You need to understand that Amazon takes multiple factors into account along with competitive prices to rank them on top and feature them in the Buy Box.

Meta always looks at the key pricing methods Amazon sellers can employ to make the most of their listings on Amazon.

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